Business Analyist

Colima, México

If you enjoy evaluating and analyzing data, creating solutions, communicating with a variety of people and have a good grasp of information technology, this job is for you.


Let's see..

As a business analyst, you will work within Vauxoo, helping to manage change and plan for the future inline with company goals. This could be for one specific project, or as a permanent feature of the organisation, You will need to understand the current organizational situation, identify future needs and create solutions to help meet those needs, usually in relation to information and software systems.

You will need to demonstrate excellent understanding of the way the organization works and the sector it operates in, as you will be helping Vauxoo to develop its functions, services and products to meet goals with internal and external stakeholders.

You will also play a key role in communicating between internal departments and external parties, acting as a 'translator' where necessary to incorporate how information technology can support the organisation's needs.

As a business analyst you also may be known as:

Business architect

Business systems analyst

Enterprise analyst


Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organisation as a whole

Work with external stakeholders  to understand and investigate feedback into the service/function/product provided.

Use data modeling practices to analyse your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes.

What to expect?

You could make significant change and impact in your role, making a substantial difference to the success of a company and the satisfaction of its employees, both of which can be very rewarding.

You will work to deadlines and juggle multiple projects, which gives lots of variety.


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