What is onboarding and why is it important for your company?

María José Solano [Vauxoo]

2 June 2021

How do you welcome your new employees? Do you think they have a good memory of their first day? To retain the human talent of your company and include them in your company’s culture, there is onboarding, throughout this blog post we will tell you what it is, it’s benefits and how it can help your new collaborators adapt easily to your company.

Onboarding is a structured process that new collaborators go through when they arrive at an organization, its objective is to create a good connection between them and the company, it helps them to adapt and enter the business culture in a fluid way and without pressure.

Strategies to create a successful onboarding process

It must be taken into account that this process is carried out from the human resources area, its main purpose is to promote the integration of the new employee and help them understand each aspect of the company. It is made to help the employee fell part of the company from day one. Onboarding is not training.

We show you the following strategies to create a successful onboarding process

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Before the first day:

  • Maintain a constant dialogue, explain to the candidates what it will be like to work in the company and what the work environment is like.

  • Contact the new collaborator days before joining, so you can explain the first steps, remind them of the documentation they need and welcome them.

  • Have ready the technical resources they will need to do their job optimally (desk, computer, chair etc.), as well as passwords and access to local servers. It is important that you have everything ready from the beginning, they will feel that you were eagerly waiting and that their arrival at the company is very important.

  • Build excitement in the other collaborators, hiring a new employee should be a great achievement for everyone, at the end of the day they are a person who will help with the growth of the company and will lighten the workload.

  • Create a sponsorship program, where a person with great knowledge in the area and several years of experience in the company helps the new collaborator to join the team.

During the first week:

  • The sponsor program is very helpful when someone new enters your team, it helps them understand the company, it will help them solve any questions they have and will introduce them to other people.

  • Schedule a time to give new collaborators a tour to recognize where certain things are. Explain where the parking lot is or how the coffee maker works, questions that are simple and necessary. Make sure they become familiar with the work environment, it will give them security and peace of mind.

  • Design a welcome kit, it can include stickers of your company, shirts, keychains, mugs, you can be as creative as you want! Having something of the company makes you feel part of the team from the first moment.

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  • Distribute important information during the first week, do short presentation sessions and mix social activities with informational activities, thus avoiding saturation.

  • Make sure that the team leader has a conversation with the new collaborator every day, at least 5 minutes in the morning, so they can solve all their doubts, in addition, showing interest in the collaborator will make the onboarding successful.

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After the first week

We have to clarify that an onboarding process does not end with the first week, the following days you will need other types of activities so that the integration of the new collaborator with the company and his colleagues is a success.
We leave you the following points, it is important to follow them so that the process concludes satisfactorily:

  • Ask for feedback, ask them what they thought of each part of the process, from the beginning to the end. Measure the level of satisfaction and make sure you get honest answers, it will be that what will make your onboarding improve.

All this will help you to know the culture of the company, policies and corporate values from the beginning, this will make adaptation much faster and more comfortable.

Digital onboarding

Currently, onboarding has had to digitize due to several factors. Fortunately, there are several options that you can use to carry it out.
First we must ask the new collaborator if they know the tools that the company uses to communicate, it is necessary to have a guide so that they can quickly become familiar with them in case they do not know them.

Some examples of tools that we can use for a successful digital onboarding are:

  • Video calls. 

  • Group integration (WhatsApp, Telegram or other internal communication channels) 

  • Email will be your great ally from the beginning.

  • Integration to group dynamics.

  • Before onboardingg Odoo Recruitment  elps you schedule interviews and send invitations to meetings, and it also allows you to send the job offer to selected candidates, allowing them to review the offer, sign it and upload their documents.

The onboarding process is important to create a relationship between the new collaborator and the company, in addition, it is the best way to guarantee productivity and commitment by the new collaborator, and they will understand the organizational culture, values, objectives and priorities from the first weeks.

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