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VAUXOO is a latinamerican company that provides training, coaching, development and implementation of enterprise management sytems and bases its entire operation strategy in the use of Open Source Software and its main product is Odoo since 2007.

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With more than 600 modules contributed
the bigger quantity available for a individual company


The editor have our highest level of trust
Higher level of partnership available, to help our customer have the best service possible


Share the experience is the best way
to ensure an strong relation with the editor we help them and our customers to grow up

We're a nimble team

Doing mighty things

Empowering companies to put agility first on their internal deployments of Odoo Designing solutions at the speed of a company evolving and changing its internal process to adapt new technologies Do you have a project or do you need a training? call us or write us an email at, learn more about our techniques and methodologies.


Steps to success

Our methodology evolved as a product of the experience with different business models on all levels in the market, they were from little companies to big companies with failures and success helping us to build a system to ensure the success of an odoo implementation.

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No lock-in

All the code produced under the control of our customers and giving the power to evolve and invest only in what you need when you need it, not-locked in is our statement to deploy your system.

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After develop and mantain 4 localizations and contribute in 4 others, we are the more than open to share our experience with you and become your team in experts.

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Since 2007

Our products & services have helped hundreds of users and teams get stuff done with Odoo: