What is ERP and how can it improve my sales?

María José Solano [Vauxoo]

10 February 2021

Are you thinking of incorporating an ERP system in your company? In this blog post, we will answer all the doubts about what it is, how it helps to improve the sales of a company, to identify when it is necessary to use this tool, and specific points to take into account when implementing it.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that allows companies to manage their daily activities in a single tool.

An ERP is characterized because it integrates all the necessary functions of a company such as accounting, manufacturing, supply chain operations, project management, supplying (and more!), all in an integral way since it allows connecting each of the processes.

ERP integrates people, processes, and technologies.

Its objective is to make all the people involved in a company use the same tools. Its focus is on the processes and to make technology the central part of people's decision-making. Technology allows them to carry out their daily tasks in an efficient way, timely and allowing them to innovate through modern tools.

6 signs to know if your company needs an ERP

Deciding to implement a business management system is a very important decision. Do you still have doubts about whether your company needs it? 

Here are some signs that tell you whether or not you need this technology in your company, if you feel identified with more than one situation, it is very likely that its implementation is already necessary.+

  • Daily activities are carried out in different systems and/or are generated manually.

  • There is no control between people, processes, and the control that the company requires.

  • The company is limited to innovate in its processes because its work tools prevent it or it is very expensive.

  • The transactional volume has reached high levels and a higher degree of automation is needed.

  • The competition has better tools in business management than my company.

  • I have nothing or just a little information for quick and timely decision making.

Odoo • Texto e imagen

How can an ERP boost the sales of a company?

  • Reduction of response times for the client. It allows generating a quick response to the customer in each line of the sales funnel from the first contact with a salesperson, the generation of a quote, the sale itself, and the follow-up to generate other sales.

  • Effective follow-up of sales opportunities. A good ERP helps to closely and timely follow up on the prospects that your company generates. 

  • Multi-channel sales. In a business management system you find several ways to place sales, it can be adjusted to any type of customer and reach them in different ways.Through it you can implement an eCommerce, it also allows business-to-business, business-to-consumer sales, telemarketing, and categorizing your products at your own point of sale.

  • It allows making a timely analysis of sales. It allows you to create analysis on the products or services you sell, you can have information about: Who buys it? What do you sell? And when do you sell it?An ERP optimizes the service or product you offer and segment customers, with this information you can create a well-defined sales strategy.

  • Anytime, anywhere. It can always be sold - anytime, anywhere! When choosing an ERP you should make sure that it is multiplatform, which allows you to use it on your cell phone, tablet, or computer through the website or the application.

  • It offers tools to control the base of your sales structure. Boost your sales team with pricing strategies, margin control, results analysis, commission payments, reports, etc.

Do you already know the best ERP on the market?

Odoo • Una imagen con una leyenda

Surely after reading this blog, you will investigate about “the best ERPs on the market”, here you will find the best one, which is "Odoo".     
 Odoo is a business management system for optimal business management. Here we mention just some advantages of this ERP:

  • Odoo's interface is very easy to use.

One of the main characteristics of this ERP is the ease of use, has a very intuitive interface, and is improving more and more, both in appearance and in functionality. 

  • It has all the functionalities that a company needs.

It covers all the needs that your company needs, from inventories, sales, accounting, human resources, and much more! Adapt it to what you need.

  • It is easy to adapt to customer needs in a very simple and economical way. 

The implementation is very cheap, in addition, a very good feature of Odoo is that it adapts to the client and can be customized to meet the requirements that the company needs.

  • It is cross-platform, you can open Odoo from various devices.

It allows you to access your information from any place and device, through its website or through its application.

  • It’s a Software that is constantly evaluated and updated.

Odoo is constantly evolving, therefore it uses modern technologies, and is constantly updating to adopt these new technologies to business management, making processes simpler and more effective.

Are you ready to make your workflow easier?

Schedule a free demo with us and one of our specialists will give you a tour of Odoo so you can discover everything to grow your business.


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