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29 April 2020

For more than 8 years the PriseHub team stayed together obtaining knowledge and acquiring the necessary experience to have the loyalty of customers with incredible ideas, today we want to share a big step, something that will take us to another level,
starting today dedication and passion for our projects is unified with the best Odoo partner in Latin America: Vauxoo.

Both pioneering companies in Odoo, we always share knowledge, we have each other but above all we always maintained the same business values, today we join two great teams to benefit the entire Ecuadorian market. Today Vauxoo complements its capabilities with great experience, technical expertise and our great passion for achieving business success, today we become an even stronger partner, today we have more vision, today we want to achieve great things, today we are all Vauxoo.

Prise Hub
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Making this decision is the best way to reach another level, I definitely believe that with all this group of incredible people, the quality will improve not only technical, but now we will have the support of a larger team, and with more knowledge in all subjects, which will give our clients a lot of knowledge of more than 12 years. I honestly fall in love with the idea that we can get together super cool people, that they like what they do, that they are passionate about this and that we can do great things

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Cristian Salamea, CEO of PriseHub

In PriseHub there is human capital passionate about business innovation, at Being the pioneer in Ecuador using Odoo, made us the most experienced partner in the country, leading us to carry out implementations in all business sectors as well as at all levels of Odoo, achieving the same goal that Vauxoo has: "Generate added value in all projects that are the dreams of our clients."

That is why we are very excited to announce that PriseHub is now Vauxoo in Ecuador.


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With this union we are sure that the quality of delivery of our projects will achieve perfection by merging the capabilities of two expert teams in all kinds of business solutions, today the team grows larger that provides security to all our clients to be able to provide the best service and support in Ecuador and in all the countries where we have a presence. We know that "Union Unites Strength" and the strength we represent will guide Vauxoo to new and greater achievements.

A new challenge begins, new opportunities are approaching, new goals are envisioned with this union, new ideas and new adventures, our passion for doing great things continue to expand to new horizons.

 Ecuador, the time has come to build great things!

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