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Mariana Ruiz [Vauxoo]

17 October 2018

The world of eCommerce seems to be the day to day in today's society, everything revolves around the internet. From consulting, searching, browsing, sharing information, news, memes, to online purchases, transfers, payments ... everything revolves around the internet. To tell the truth, even when I work in front of a computer, connected to the internet, all the time ... I like to enjoy offline moments, for example going to the Supermarket.

Going to the supermarket is a fun, relaxing, interesting experience, see new products, new sections, walk through the corridors and not to say  "free samples", everything seems to be in order of interest, but everything has a reason to be. Many of us like to give ourselves the space and time to go to the supermarket to others it seems unnecessary because each aisle travel increases the products in the cart and yes, most of the time is the intention.

Now, imagine having to live this experience on the internet, that is, doing the super buying online with hundreds or thousands of products that we do not have an accurate idea of how they are organized. How long would you be willing to invest before finding the product? exactly what are you looking for? How friendly would you like the website to be so that you can logically and quickly find the products of your interest?

These and other questions are what we set out to start with the online grocery project, and so with each client who wants their users to improve their shopping experience in their E-Commerce. I share with you about my experience with this project ...

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

An online grocery store

The project came to us with the clear intention of being completely redesigned, however, it was not an easy task, we had to investigate some points first to know the objectives of the redesign. On the other hand, consider that the grocery store is already recognized and has a physical and digital presence. Then we consider the following points:


Fully study and recognize all the customer's inventory.


Understand the objective and strategy of the redesign of E-commerce: Increase retail sales?, Increase wholesale sales ?, What would be the objective ?


Register and analyze the client's behavior while making purchases on the site: What is your flow entering the site ?, Where do you click ?, What do you write ?, Where do you leave the site?, etc.


Implement improvements with Odoo, based on previous research.

The inventory should have coordination and clarity, both at the physical point of sale and in the pieces available by product in the digital store. Thanks to the inventory tool in odoo we managed to better organize the information, since this tool allowed us to organize parent categories, subcategories, labels for each item favoring a faster and more intuitive search of the products (attach a short video where I show how to make a parent category and subcategory).

This also allows you to locate a product of your interest, product recommendations are displayed related to your purchase and interests, which is not magic, but the same dynamic in the super while going through the corridors, the "free samples" or promotions that make you buy things on impulse, here they also exist and they are called cross sales. 



And what is the trick to make an E-Commerce friendly?

Working with clients who want to expand their business to the digital world or with those who already have a website but have not exploited it is full of super fun and unique variables. I really enjoy it because each business has a specific potential with which changes and particularities can be made for the project.

In my experience I have worked for B2C companies, such as Abastotal, where the challenge of ordering more than 1,800 products by categories and subcategories was quite interesting, as it turned out that even though some products had a "logical" category, some people would look for the same product in a different category.

To know what was the user flow in the eCommerce that already existed, in addition to doing an audit, interviewing the client and knowing their eCommerce objective, we rely on a very functional tool that allows us to know, through heatmaps, the User's journey within the site, the routes it makes, the position and the number of clicks. All of this allows us to know what is "not seen" and what is the most transparent and necessary information for our work. 


Texto de Odoo y bloque de imagen

 This makes the activity of the user browsing the eCommerce quite curious and it is then where we apply the knowledge in user experience to make a purchase.


Applying a content categorization dynamic called Cardsorting, we managed to produce products that did not seem to have a specific category. Additionally, we support our categorization theory by visiting supermarkets and knowing the logistics of corridor organization. The activity was a success, because we managed to adjust the flow of purchase of the products, by probable and verifiable roads, not only classifying products in a single category.

It is very important, to achieve a friendly eCommerce, even an informative website, consider the end user very much. Know the tastes, reactions, interests, even rhythm of life as in the case of this project, firstly Why do people buy online? Is their pace of life quite fast that they do not have time to go to the store? who does not have transportation and prefers that he arrives at his house? All these small factors are what give us tools to make the eCommerce more friendly, more suitable to those who need it.

In Vauxoo we are interested in finding that extra that makes our clients the best before their competition and explore the areas of opportunity we can offer to transform your physical business into digital business without losing its essence and purpose.

I invite you to contact us, if you want to start your business in the digital world, implement better strategies, optimize and streamline processes ...

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