Point of sale in restaurants

María José Solano [Vauxoo]

25 August 2021

In this blog post we will tell you the benefits that the implementation of a point of sale in your restaurant brings, as well as the characteristics that the POS you choose should have, and we share a tool that will undoubtedly be very useful for your business.

Have you ever wondered how you can automate your business processes? Operating a restaurant demands great responsibility, it requires solving problems quickly and efficiently, having a point of sale system will automate your processes and improve the competitive advantage of your business.

On the blog Should I use a point of sale system in my establishment? We talked about what a point of sale system is, how to detect when a company needs one, and we discussed some of the benefits that implementation brings, but how important is having a point of sale in my restaurant? What benefits does my business get?

A point of sale system is a great tool for restaurants, it helps automate tasks, manage payments with credit or debit cards, as well as maintain a good inventory, supports the creation of invoices and can even help you manage the schedules and responsibilities of your collaborators.

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PoS benefits

There are several benefits to obtaining a PoS, below we will tell you the five most important benefits that your business obtains when implementing a point of sale:

Maximize your business

You will have access to daily reports where you can verify the performance of the day, you will have the possibility to calculate the cost of each dish and verify the profitability of each one of them, this will allow you to observe with which dishes you get the most profit and ask your team to promote them more.

Minimize errors

Your restaurant will have the necessary tools to maintain quality customer service, your work team will be able to take orders from a phone or tablet instead of a notebook, this reduces the possibility of errors, which will translate into satisfied customers.


Leading a work team requires supervision and time, with a point of sale system you will have the possibility to monitor the speed of each employee and observe which employee needs to strengthen their skills to improve their productivity and performance. As well as identifying when the number of personnel needs to be reduced or increased.

Manage your restaurant space

You will be able to manage the space of your restaurant, you will have the possibility of accommodating diners in an orderly manner, maintaining a constant flow and the comfort of each client. 

Improve decision-making

A point of sale system can help you make more informed decisions regarding the administrative and financial aspects of your restaurant, as it offers you a detailed sales report.

Essential characteristics for a PoS in restaurants

The characteristics of the point of sale will totally depend on the needs of your restaurant, it is important to understand the priorities of your business and find which PoS is most similar to what you need. However, there are some characteristics that should not go unnoticed, we will discuss them below: 


It is important that a PoS system for a restaurant is able to link its management tools, such as accounting or sales, to make the workflow much more agile and have everything your company needs in one place.

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Easy to use

A point of sale system must have a clear, intuitive and easy-to-use interface so that it is understood by all those involved.

Payment methods

It is essential that the PoS you choose allows you to charge individually or by dividing the account by the number of customers at the table, as well as managing payment collection by credit or debit card and supporting you with the creation of invoices.

Employee management 

A PoS system must have a functionality that allows you to manage the responsibilities of your employees, as well as their hours and salaries.


Having a record of the supplies that are used every day and maintaining an inventory in real time is essential for the proper functioning of your business, the PoS you choose must integrate inventory management in one place. 

A point of sale system is essential for any restaurant, and it becomes the center of operations of your business. That is why it is important to choose a PoS that helps your company achieve its goals and allows you to perform operations in a simpler way. 

Odoo PoS for restaurants

Restaurants have different requirements from other sectors, and one of the great advantages of Odoo is that it adapts to any business model. It offers various benefits when it is chosen as a point of sale, below we share some of them:   

Does not require any installation

It works online or offline, while an internet connection is required to start the point of sale, it will remain operational even after a complete disconnection.

Quick overview of the restaurant

You will be able to visualize on a map how the tables are distributed, which ones are occupied and which ones are free, how many diners there are in each one of them and observe which table is waiting for service. 

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Odoo • Imagen y texto

Integrated inventory management

You will have a control in real time, which will allow you to see the availability of products at the moment.

 Efficient interface

It has an efficient interface that makes it possible to observe products by categories and subcategories, allowing the user to quickly navigate through the product catalog.

Thanks to the fact that Odoo is integrated with other modules, you will be able to obtain reports on customer purchasing habits and business accounting, as well as manage the company's human resources, carry out marketing campaigns and carry out inventories.

A point of sale system will help improve processes in your restaurant, guaranteeing employee management, income control and customer satisfaction. Choose the PoS that best suits the needs of your business.

Are you ready to improve the processes in your restaurant? Try Odoo PoS now.

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