An online convenience store, in addition to having physical stores, Abastotal is a client who decided to start his business on both platforms at the same time.


Usability analysis on the site gave us the key to generate the redesign of eCommerce, the information was not presented clearly to the user especially in the part of the product detail. It also detected disorientation of the user in the search for a product, which led to the general search engine almost automatically.

Abastotal Screenshots

· User Research: Usability studies, interviews, surveys.
· Business Analysis: Understanding of the objectives of the company.
· Information Architecture: information architecture, user scan flow analysis.
· User Interfase: Interface and interactions design.
· Odoo: Implementation of the eCommerce and administrative module

Abastotal Screenshots
Abastotal Screenshots

What we learned:

· The detail of a product is priority, the user needs to know all the specifications of the product that interests him.

· The user is not seeing the product in a physical way for this reason we must be very explicit in the product information.

· The categorization of the inventory must be thought of in the user and with a wide investigation in the subject, since the logic of purchase of a person can vary with the one of another one.

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