This is the Vauxoo's way

We achieve the extraordinary by working with passion, curiosity, and initiative.


With the culture of Open Source in our hearts, we know that sharing our knowledge makes us great and a reference within the entire tech community.

The high sense of responsibility from each member allows us to ensure a 100% flexible work environment in terms of time and location. We work on projects and effective time, giving us the opportunity to design each day to cover all our responsibilities, needs, and hobbies.

So feel free to organize your day according to your preferences!

No two days are the same at Vauxoo. We have such a diversity of clients, projects, and team members that we guarantee a unique experience every day.

Furthermore, our constant training and learning programs will allow you to grow as a Vauxian, while also enhancing our collective capabilities.

Imagine a job that allows you to have an excellent quality of life... That job is at Vauxoo! Working with a human-focused approach is what makes us great. Therefore, we ensure the well-being of the entire team through fair, equitable, and discrimination-free treatment.

We are all on the same ship, headed towards the same destination!

As a team member, you have access to free psychological support. Additionally, you can become part of our Book Club or even join the Healthy Vauxians group, which motivates us to exercise and maintain a proper diet.

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A day in the life of a Vauxian

At Vauxoo, we are ready to face any challenge the day brings; because we know Odoo inside out and we understand that the possibilities are endless.

Apps building


We love answers; that's why we're always looking for problems.

The curious nature of all team members leads us to be meticulous in finding new problems, with a range of solutions, and to discover new ways of doing things extraordinarily. 

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WE support

At Vauxoo, we were born diverse and we will continue to be so; we seek individuals who embrace challenges, face failure exceptionally, and astonish us with their abilities and skills.

If this resonates with you, hop aboard the ship and take off with us!


  • Book Club (Vauxoo hosts the book).
  • Health insurance.
  • Vacations according to the regulations of each country.
  • Vauxoo Bytes: Our internal publication.
  • Transportation and allowances.
  • Social stand ups.
  • Work equipment for your best performance.
  • Wellness at Vauxoo: Psicology services, Vauxoo Chat, Flextime.
  • Family and medical leave.
  • Time off for wedding.

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At Vauxoo, mistakes are only evidence of seeking a new path, so you should keep your curiosity high and not be afraid to experiment or explore different tools.


We're all on the same ship and heading to the same destination, that's why you'll never hear a Vauxian say 'that's not my job' A Vauxian contributes to the solution when something goes wrong, addressing the issue personally or taking it to the right person and following up.


At Vauxoo, we embrace innovation; to be part of the Team, you must stay open to change, try new things, and always communicate your findings to colleagues and clients.


We understand that problems will never be bigger than our "Vauxianos" (referring to Vauxoo team members), which is why we focus on how to solve them, with the assurance of having any "Vauxiano" by your side when needed.

Vauxian VALues

At Vauxoo, we take the moment of defining our values very seriously because we are confident that only by following them can we achieve our goals and expectations.

We do things extraordinarily from the beginning because we know it's the best way to streamline processes.

We invest the necessary time to get things done right because mediocrity is not in our vocabulary.

We believe professionalism comes from within you. Moreover, we know that each person's dreams are unique, so we can assure you that when you join Vauxoo, your professional path isn't predefined – you'll shape it.

The philosophy of Open Source is close to our hearts, which is why we share and encourage talent within the global tech community, especially in Latin America.

We give talks, host free webinars, share articles and code because we know that any community thrives on sharing!

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Join our team to create awesome things.