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In the competitive world of the furniture industry, customization has become a dominant trend. In this post, we share how to leverage this trend to your advantage through your Odoo instance.

The preference for customization is a trend we see in our daily lives, from our social media browsing to searching for items to make our homes reflect our personalities. If you have a furniture store or a home decor shop, this topic should be on your radar.

According to the survey on furniture and home goods store sales in the United States from 1992 to 2022, $141.3 million is invested annually in this country for this purpose. Among this national income volume, companies that offer customization options such as material, color, style, dimensions, or finish, along with convenient home delivery options, receive the majority of purchases.

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The furniture industry allows consumers to turn their homes into truly unique spaces by choosing furniture and decorations to their liking. Factors such as style, accessibility, and functionality are crucial for buyers in lifestyle furniture stores.

The demand for home furniture is influenced by housing construction and consumer incomes. During slow economic times, people tend to postpone remodeling and interior design projects. On the other hand, during economic growth periods, demand surges as consumers seek to improve their living spaces.

An interesting aspect is a growing interest in sustainable furniture products. More and more consumers are aware of the importance of choosing environmentally friendly materials for their homes. This has driven the growth of the eco-friendly furniture market, along with electronic media marketing campaigns.

Enable your customers to remodel in their style using Odoo's eCommerce

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Furniture customization is essential in the digital age, where online shopping is booming.​ According to projections, revenues in the Furniture segment of the e-commerce market are expected to increase exponentially from 2023 to 2027, reaching a new peak of $118.6 billion in 2027. This indicates the growing preference of consumers for online shopping.

Furniture buyers seek personalized options, and this is where Odoo V.16 becomes a valuable tool. With Odoo's product customization functionality, your customers can choose materials, colors, and styles that perfectly match their tastes and needs.

Use the website for furniture selection and customization by your customers.

An essential part of offering personalized furniture design services is allowing customers to visualize and customize their selections online.

According to the survey on the percentage of Americans aged 18 to 29 who shopped on the online store of a Swedish-origin furniture and home goods retailer in 2023, 9 percent of respondents stated that they had done so in the last 12 months. This demonstrates the importance of having a strong online presence and an effective e-commerce platform.

How to implement furniture customization with Odoo V.16?

​Now that we understand the importance of furniture customization in the industry and how Odoo V.16 can be your ally, we share this basic tutorial on how to implement this functionality from your Odoo instance's eCommerce app:

1. Initial Configuration.

In your Odoo admin panel, navigate to the Website module and enable the product customization option by following the path Website > Configuration > Settings > Shop-Products > Product Variants > Attributes. Now you can see those attributes that can be customized.  

Note: Remove those you don't want available to your customers or add new ones if needed.

2. Furniture Catalog. 

Now go to each of your products with customization options and add the corresponding photos for the attributes and variants so that your customers have a clear idea of what they will get.

Follow the path Products > Select one of your products with variant options > Attributes and Variants > Add a line. In the dropdown menu, you will see the attributes and variants that were activated in the Configuration. Select the values, save manually, and configure the attribute to display the model's price.

3. Visualization Tool.

Provide your customers with an online visualization tool that allows them to see how the furniture will look with their selected options.

Follow the path Products > Select the desired product > Click on Variants > Select the variant for which you will upload a photo > Click on the image pencil to upload the image corresponding to the variant > Select the file from your computer > Click Open > Save manually.

4. Make sure everything works on your website's eCommerce!

Within your product card, click on Go to Website > Browse the product's colors and materials and verify that the photo changes.





Note: If you see gray and white boxes within any of your color options, remember to go back to your attributes to load the corresponding color code.

Furniture customization is a growing trend in the industry, driven by consumer demand, the rise of e-commerce, and the demand for environmentally low-impact artisanal products.

With excellent Odoo implementation, you can have the tools to successfully implement this functionality and satisfy even your most demanding customers, including adding custom options for those who want something even more personalized.

Your Odoo instance can be customized 

according to your company's needs.

Our team is ready to build it with you!

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