6 benefits of having a forum on your website
An internet forum is a space where people can share ideas and spark discussion on a particular topic.

An internet forum is a space where people can share ideas and spark discussion on a particular topic. Having a forum on your website is a very good strategy because the contributions, comments, questions and answers add good reputation to any website.

Its main objective is to encourage analysis and discussion, each comment is displayed in hierarchical order so that other users can follow the thread of the conversation and join it. In addition, they allow the creation of categories to add new topics of conversation.

Unlike a live chat, in a forum the conversation does not take place in real time, each participant writes their contribution and then, if someone catches their attention, they can interact or not.

6 benefits of having a forum on your website

Create community

A forum on your website will help you create a community of people with similar interests, as well as for educational and academic use or to promote communication in a work environment.

It will help you as a means of communication 

It is a good means of communication that will help you answer frequently asked questions and promote conversations between users about the product or service that is offered.

Adapts to the user

One of the advantages of this type of communication is that it adapts to the time that the user allocates to participate in these spaces.

You will be able to capture new audiences

Whenever someone from Google searches for a question similar to the ones you have on your forum, your link will show up on the page and increase your rankings. Although the user may not have heard of your brand before, once they find the answer to their question, they can navigate the rest of your site.

Learn more about your community

A forum gives you intimate access to the topics your users are discussing, you'll be able to see how they communicate and what they're looking for, you'll have instant access to their perspectives and thought patterns.

Increase the SEO value of your website

Let's remember that the more content you have on a website, the more likely it is to have a greater reach in the SEO ranking. This will be achieved over time if the forum is popular enough, contains relevant discussions, as well as organic keywords from users.

Remember that forums are characterized by being asynchronous, that is, they do not work in real time like chats and social networks.

There are free platforms to create forums around a topic of interest, but they usually include advertising, so the ideal is to create a forum within your own domain to manage it correctly, respecting the objectives of the business and the brand.

Odoo Forum

There are various benefits of having a forum on your website, with Odoo it is much easier to carry it out. Here are some of the actions you can perform with Odoo Forum:

Ask questions and give answers

It is very easy to register in the forum to post questions and answer existing ones..

Share links

You will be able to post interesting content from any website to your entire community and start regular discussion threads.

Start discussions

You will be able to receive and share advice and enlightening information on any topic..

Edit and correct

You will be able to improve your submitted questions, as well as the comments and answers, even after they are published

You can enrich the discussions

You can insert videos and images to your messages to enrich them.

Organize the categories

It offers well-organized and easily accessible content with subject categories.

Keep an intelligent response design

Keep related answers together in a threaded forum.

If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of a forum and how to create it in a simple way in Odoo 15, we leave you with the following video where our colleague Danna explains more about the subject:


A properly managed forum can be a great opportunity to build a relationship with your customers, create a community, and organically elevate your brand, as its goal is to provide a space to start conversations on a topic of interest.

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