Email marketing strategy: the abandoned cart

When we talk about an abandoned shopping cart, we are referring to a purchase that was not completed within an online store. There are several reasons why this happens, and they always vary depending on the type of business and product, we must consider that 69.23% of customers who buy online abandon their shopping cart, so we show you some reasons why this may be happening:

  • Website loading is slow.

  • The user needs to do some research on the product.

  • Shipping costs are high. 

  • The delivery time is high.

  • The seller does not offer complete information about the product.

  • There are only a few options for payment methods.

  • Other external circumstances such as some distraction.

There are many reasons why a customer might leave an abandoned cart, but there is no need to worry as there are also quite a few techniques that can help reduce the percentage.

4 strategies that reduce the percentage of abandoned carts

Keep important information in a visible place

Shipping costs, delivery time, returns, payment methods and data protection must be in a visible place so that your customers can consult it at any time they deem it necessary.

It is likely that during their journey through your page some doubts arise, we suggest you add a tab with frequently asked questions or give them the possibility of communicating directly to clarify any doubts. 

Accelerate the purchase decision

A good strategy to speed up the purchase decision is to show how many people are viewing the same product or when you have a promotion, a good option is to activate a countdown clock to let them know how much time is left for completion.

Pay attention to loading speed and usability

Loading speed and usability are of decisive importance, if your online store takes a long time to load, users may abandon it before taking any action.

In terms of usability, it is important to make your page as intuitive as possible. We advise you to reduce the number of clicks to reach the final purchase button.

Implement an email strategy

This strategy is one of our favorites, since it is one of the best results. This is a follow-up email sent to customers who have left the online store without purchasing the items they added to their shopping cart. These emails remind the user of the reasons why they should buy these products, to carry out this strategy it is necessary to have the customers' email.

Email marketing as an alternative solution

Email automation saves time spent on constant and repetitive email sending and response tracking, and is a great tool for any marketing strategy. If we have the email of a customer who has abandoned a cart, we can take advantage of it to send him information on various topics that may be of interest to him, in this way, if he has lost interest in the abandoned product, other topics or promotions can be suggested to bring them back to the website, turning an abandoned cart into a new purchase opportunity.

Implementing email automation offers many benefits, we share some of them with you:

Increase sales

Adapting the emails with the recipient's information increases the opening and purchase rate, since they are personalized emails, a more personal and intimate communication is established, so it is possible to increase the probability of captivating the customer if it is possible to attract several occasions mentioning various topics that may be of interest to you.

They arrive at the exact moment

One of the great advantages of email automation is that it will always reach the customer at the right time, providing answers and content that the user is looking for. Thanks to this, the communication with the client will improve,  and the company will no longer experience slow communication.

Build better relationships with customers

In addition to closing sales that were considered lost, emails play an important role in building personal communication with the customer, since the content of these emails can be adapted according to the search history of each user. Being personalized, they are a good way to re-engage with customers. Also, they build a stronger relationship with them through one-on-one communication.

Software to automate email marketing

Automating emails is an important process, there are various software that can help you, but it is important that before choosing you verify the actions that each one allows you to do and the features it has.

Next, we share 5 features of Odoo Marketing Automation, which will be very useful for your marketing strategy:

Odoo Marketing Automation

Create engaging email campaigns

You will be able to create attractive email campaigns for customers in a matter of minutes, since Odoo has predesigned templates, its visual interface is made up of elements that you can drag and drop, making the process more user-friendly.

Schedule your shipment

It allows you to create several campaigns and schedule their delivery for a specific date and time, this will help you have better time management.

Segment your database

You will be able to segment your database and configure it, allowing you to filter your clients by needs and locate them in the stage of the sales cycle in which they are.

Access statistics

You will be able to easily track the number of leads created, the open rate, the bounce rate and the click rate, thanks to this you will be able to make adjustments and improve your email marketing strategy.                  

Abandoned cart emails in conjunction with marketing automation are a great solution to improve the conversion rate of an e-commerce and recover sales that were considered lost.

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