How to get leads with Odoo CRM?
Odoo CRM, unlike other CRMs, has powerful tools to help you easily generate new sales leads.

A CRM is a technological tool with the objective of managing the relationships with new and current customers, it is also a database of customers or potential customers that can be of great help to other departments of your company such as Marketing.

Odoo CRM, unlike other CRMs, has powerful tools to help you easily generate new sales leads. Throughout this blog we will show you the different ways to generate leads with Odoo and other tools that will improve your sales team.

What are leads?

Previously on our blog Guide for the correct choice of a CRM Previously on our blog Guide for the correct choice of a CRM we talked about the stages that Odoo CRM uses such as opportunities, qualified, sales, etc. but there is a previous stage called "Leads" (people who could be interested in your business), which are achieved through marketing strategies, who visited your website or signed up for the newsletter, from advertising, through events, among others. 

The more you know about your lead (contact number, business email, monthly income, needs, etc.), the greater the probability that it will become a sales opportunity.

Lead generation in Odoo

In Odoo, leads can be generated in various ways:

  • E-mail of your sales team

Each sales team can use their own unique email aliases to generate leads/opportunities. Any email sent to a sales team's email alias will automatically create a lead (if leads are enabled in your CRM settings) or pipeline for that particular team.

  • Contact forms

Adding contact forms to the “Home” or “Contact Us” pages, as well as in Forums and blogs on your website, can help you capture the most leads looking for your business.

  • Live chat

Using a live chat, you will be able to communicate with visitors in real-time and generate leads with the abbreviation tools.

  • Pop-up ads

You can add a Pop-up message for when leads want to leave the website or abandon the cart and can sign up for the newsletter in exchange for a coupon or an e-book.

Lead enrichment in Odoo

Sometimes we do not have the complete data of a client, and we think that it is a lost lead, but it does not have to be that way. With lead enrichment you can obtain data about a lead using only their email, it will provide you with various data such as:

  • Phone number.

  • Lead time zone.

  • The social media they use.

  • The address of the company to which they belong.

Lead mining in Odoo

Lead mining allows us to generate them from our database from scratch, selecting criteria such as country, the industry they come from, and company size.

You will be able to decide the number of leads to generate, the size of the company, as well as the country or countries where you want them to come from, you will also have the possibility of assigning them to specific sales teams or to a particular seller.

Odoo has simple tools that will allow your company and sales team to get leads that can become business opportunities.

Find out more about lead generation in Odoo with one of our experts.

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