How to manage talent for your company
Conoce las técnicas más efectivas para una óptima gestión del recurso humano de tu empresa, depura tus procesos de selección y captación de personal para contratar a los candidatos ideales que cumplan con el perfil del cargo. Y comprende la importancia de mantener satisfechos a tus profesionales más productivos.

Learn about the most effective techniques for optimal management of your company's human resources, refine your selection and recruitment processes to hire the ideal candidates who meet the profile of the position. And understand the importance of keeping your most productive professionals satisfied.

The human talent of a company constitutes a fundamental pillar in its structure and is totally related to the success that it can achieve. For this reason, among so many things, it is important to know how to manage talent for your company.

Any company that aspires to endure over time knows how to recognize the importance and value of well-selected and properly trained personnel with the organizational culture.

And it is that the current approach of companies is oriented to the valuation of their human talent, recognizing that thanks to them every task that leads the company to the achievement of its objectives is carried out.

It is the Human Resources department that has the responsibility of channeling the necessary processes for an adequate selection of personnel, their training and their maintenance within the company.

HR must design campaigns with information that collaborates in the identification of the organization's values ​​by employees, so that they feel identified with the brand they represent and become its voice.

HR activities for human talent management

In any company, whether large or small, it is important to comply with a series of activities that guarantee an optimal recruitment process, which includes planning and organization from the entry, growth, and maintenance of its productive professionals.

For HR, managing human talent efficiently represents savings for the company, since it avoids the expense of training for new candidates. 

On the other hand, by applying appropriate talent management policies, which manage to sensitize employees, it is also possible to retain human talent by strengthening their commitment to the company, which goes hand in hand with greater productivity and makes a difference with the competition.

For every company it is necessary to have optimal processes to achieve its objectives effectively. It may be that in some cases the advice of expert consultants is required to identify weaknesses in the processes and guide on how to improve them, for this you can resort to the excellent service offered by a 
business consultancy. 

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Technology as a key element for the management of human talent

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Technology represents a great ally for optimal management of human talent in a company.

For this, it must have adequate planning that allows defining the most effective strategies. 

Companies can resort to the use of various softwares that facilitate the measurement of the performance of their employees, as well as the control of all activities related to management. It should be noted that all technological tools must be duly complemented with efficient management that is aware of the needs and particularities of the organization.

Some elements to keep in mind when managing talent for your company

Human Resources managements have as an addition:

  • Design and description of the profile of each job position: HR designs the organization chart of the company, identifying each of the positions, specifying its functions and which position supervises it. The job profile is intended to describe the functions of the job, as well as the requirements to perform it, that is, the skills and knowledge that the applicant must possess.

  • Recruitment and selection of personnel: Thanks to having the job profile well-defined, there will be a guide for the proper selection of the candidate. Allowing to search in the correct places to proceed to the tests and interviews that facilitate the selection for the hiring. It will not be enough for a candidate to obtain the highest qualifications, it will also be necessary to consider factors such as the ability to integrate into the company and its work team, considering physical and social aspects. Some tests carried out may be technical tests, oriented to professional skills and knowledge, also specific to the performance of the position. Others are psycho-technical tests, which can identify the aptitudes and abilities that the subject possesses in relation to the job. Last but not least the personal interview, in which the interviewer will be able to know how the candidate behaves and communicate.

  • Training: Regardless of the nature of the position, it is essential to offer the new member of the organization the necessary induction with all the rules and policies of the company, as well as the detail of the functions of the position, so that they have the information necessary to carry out their tasks and obligations. As for the training, they represent a preparation process for the employee where their knowledge is expanded or strengthened, and they are prepared to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Understanding that the growth of the employee within the organization is profit for the company. HR work must be constantly evolving and updating with new market trends. You can choose to receive training and specializations as a coach in order to acquire techniques and tools that facilitate the management of your communications within the organization, being one of the best
     coaching options in Madrid. 

  • Professional promotions: It will be necessary to promote the professional growth of the employee, valuing and highlighting his achievements within the company, and what better way than offering him the opportunity for a well-deserved promotion. This type of promotion establishes strong links between the employee and the organization, since it facilitates internal training, job rotation and comprehensive training for the employee.

  • Performance evaluations: They represent a valuable opportunity to measure the performance of the employee within a period, identifying the weaknesses and strengths that have been presented in order to make timely decisions aimed at supporting strengthening their capacities and improving their performance. It also represents an opportunity to listen to his concerns and aspirations or needs within the organization, and draw up action plans that benefit both parties.

  • Personnel control: For HR it is important to keep track of human talent, in order to know the compliance with schedules by each employee, work permits, additional hours, attendance control, vacations and everything related to their performance.

  • Encourage a good organizational climate: HR must determine the degree of job satisfaction of its members, as well as must be a conciliatory figure within the company, showing total willingness to mediate in the event of any conflict in the organization, appearing to listen to both parties objectively, in order to find an adequate mediation that allows solving any inconvenience.

  • Personnel management: Represents the administrative process aimed at meeting the objectives of the organization, complying with the effectiveness of communications between the company and its human talent. Establishing itself as a key platform for professional collaboration between employees.

Human Resources manages everything related to the human part of the organization and plays a fundamental role within any company. So you must understand and respect its importance, and understand how to do your job, to focus on improving your resources and tools in order to achieve loyalty and commitment from your employees and making the company an excellent place to work.

Odoo Recruitment for Talent Management

Odoo recruitment allows you to organize the process of each vacancy and job applications.

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Odoo Recruitment view

Among its benefits are:

  • It allows creating a database with the profile and skills of each applicant, as well as keeping track of each phase of the process through the Kanban board, which will allow an order to be carried out at each step, such as: in the pre-qualification, the first interview, negotiation etc. and you will be able to receive exact and complete statistics on your selection portfolio.

  • It allows you to publish jobs on your website in a simple way, generate calls to action and follow up in an easy and organized way.

  • It allows creating external links with other applications such as LinkedIn or Facebook, in which filling out the job application in said social network automatically creates an application of the vacancy in Odoo.

  • When creating a new job offer a new email address is automatically assigned to target applications correctly. It can be used to make candidates contact you by mail and their data and submitted documents will appear as a new candidate.

  • Schedule interviews and send meeting invitations directly from Odoo and sync Odoo calendar with Google Calendar.

  • It allows you to send the job offer to the selected candidates and allow them to review the offer, sign it and upload their documents.

  • It fully integrates with the other Odoo applications (Employees, References, Ratings, etc.)

In addition, Odoo has a referral modulein which company employees compete healthily in a points scheme to opt for prizes and recognition for those who bring the best candidates as referrals.

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Manage the selection process with a simple tool, use Odoo Recruitment and attract human talent to contribute to your company

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