This is how we lived the Odoo Experience 2018.

With destination to the European continent, we traveled 9115 km., forming part of the group of Odoo experts, serving as assistants, exhibitors, VIP sponsors and one of the partners awarded in the Odoo Awards 2018.

Beginning the trip

The best way to tell the story of our experience is through images, in this Blog Post you will find a tour of our trip to Belgium. In order to attend the Odoo Experience as every year, part of the Vauxoo team travels to Belgium to fill with new knowledge, share our best practices and meet people from all over the world interested in the best business management system: Odoo. 

We came from different places in Mexico to meet at the same airport and start the trip. Ee took off from Guadalajara, then we stopped in Houston and Germany to reach our destination. We shared funny stories along the way, one of us was moved to first class on one of the flights due to problems with his partner next door, we arrived at our AirBnB, which looked like a movie cabin and we found the best Belgian beer at a very affordable price, when in Mexico it exceeds 50% of what it cost there, We met beautiful villages, forests and dreamy landscapes, towns where the noise of the clock is clearly perceived by the peaceful silence that the places encompass.

Imagen de Odoo y bloque de texto

We were working from the new Odoo farm, finishing planning the presentations that we would give there, and showing our advances in the Mexican localization, and every day we knew new food places and we took Chimay's to our temporary cabin to have a Complete Belgian experience.

OCA Code Sprint

Before the Odoo Experience 2018 started we had two days of intensive work in the Code Sprint of the OCA (Odoo Community Association), in this event we met a lot of developers and saw old friends, the dynamic was to divide us into teams per project, here we took each of the projects and shared ideas, improvements, and technical skills and support to make the migration of each project to the new version of Odoo a reality (v12).

The Vauxoo’s team actively participated in: The creation of the App Store for the OCA. In two days we achieved the implementation of the App Store and the workflow that we had as a team allowed us to launch it live the last day of the OCA Code Sprint, presented by Oscar Alcalá, our Research and Development Director, we also work on the migration of modules  from v11 to v12 and part of the OpenUpgrade migration.

Within these two days, Moisés López, our Chief Technical Officer, made some  space in the program to give a talk called "Looking for culprits of performance issues" and we ended up leaving a mark of the work we do every day and sharing our best practices to build incredible things with the OCA atendees.

Texto de Odoo y bloque de imagen

Odoo Experience 2018

The Odoo Experience 2018 brought together thousands of experts from around the world: partners, clients and people interested in Odoo in the Aula Magna at "Louvain-la-Neuve" . They were 3 days full of learning, practice, networking, meetups, lots of food, concerts, beer and lots of fun.

During these the days we had keynotes on topics such as Development, Functional Capabilities, Business Development, and the launch of the latest version of Odoo with all its new benefits.

By being VIP sponsors of the event, we were in charge of a booth where we were meeting many people explaining what we do at Vauxoo, showing videos of how simple it is to use our tools and giving them demonstrations of 2 of our products
Xunnel & DeployV .

The talk given by Moisés López in the Code Sprint was so cool that it once again filled a room to present it within the Odoo Experience.

On the second day of the Odoo Experience, Nhomar Hernández, our CEO, had a place to give an introduction of our new methodology in the classroom, named "Meet our QuickStart Implementation Experts" where he explained how we do it at  Vauxoo to be a recognized team with projects that speak for themselves 

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas


Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

That night the Odoo logistics team prepared the  “Odoo Awards 2018” which is the way to recognize its members for living Odoo’s values and disseminate the appropriate concept of Odoo worldwide. In this event, Vauxoo was awarded the “Our Community Heros 2018” award, which was dedicated to the daily work of the entire team.

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

"Our Community Heroes 2018"

Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

Imagen de Odoo y bloque de texto

And to close with a flourish, the last day of the event, Nhomar took over the Aula Magna to give a presentation to address  the work that only Vauxoo knows how to do and what we are experts in 
"Mexican Localization"

So we finished our experience at the event, but we continued our journey in Belgium, visiting 6 of the most beautiful places, seeing magnificent landscapes, tasting the gastronomy, contemplating comics, admiring the classical monuments, castles, entering different bars, always accompanied by our Belgian chela, we all returned to Mexico traveling 30 hours, changing schedules, excited to see the team and fill them with our experience.

Preparing from this moment for the next Odoo Experience in 2019 and version 13 of Odoo.

At Vauxoo we like to share our experiences.

If you are interested in being part of this great team, check our vacancies.

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