Vauxoo commissions module
Building a winning sales team requires incentives so that your representatives can reach the established objectives and remain on your team for a long time.

In an area as competitive as sales, the objectives and commissions are of vital importance to keep the team in a constant rhythm of growth, since the motivation of your team does not only come from inspiring speeches but from quotas that, when reached, give them a tangible benefit.

In this blog, we will talk about why you should use commissions in your sales area and about a tool designed by Vauxoo to use commissions in Odoo.

What is a sales commission?

The sales commission is a percentage of the total value of a sale and is paid to the seller in order to encourage their effort.

It is normally used in the sales area so that each salesperson is motivated to reach their sales quota, the commission usually depends on the sales objective or quota of each salesperson.

Why should you use commissions?

  • They increase the effectiveness and productivity of sales teams.

  • Helps in the retention of top-performing salespeople.

  • You'll be able to achieve business goals faster.

  • Your sales team will be alert and motivated every time a sale arrives.

  • Sales representatives will have the freedom to operate and work at their own pace.

  • You will be able to identify who needs support to achieve their goals.

Vauxoo commissions module

The commission module is a module created by Vauxoo, it allows you to create, optimize and deliver incentive compensation plans in Odoo.

Advantages of the commission module

  • You will be able to create, model, compare, test and deploy plans and promotions quickly.

  • You'll keep sales reps focused on their quotas and goals with their commission reports.

  • Generation of complex plans using intuitive drag & drop or pre-configured templates.

  • You will be able to resolve compensation queries with the simple traceability of the module.

  • You will have the possibility to motivate your sales representatives with strategic information or bonuses.

Characteristics of the commission module

Complete management of commissions and incentives within the system.

Reports on the markers and payments of each representative in real-time.

Cloud implementation.

Quick queries with traceability in a single click.

Using compensation plans can keep your sales team engaged in reaching their goals and attract top talent.

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