What is a community manager?
En el siguiente blog post te contamos qué es un Community Manager, cómo una persona experta en redes sociales puede beneficiar a tu empresa y cuáles son algunos puntos que debes de tomar en cuenta al momento de elegirlo.

In the following blog post, we tell you what a Community Manager is, how an expert in social networks can benefit your company and what are some points that you should take into account when choosing it.

A Community Manager is a professional in digital marketing.

Is an expert in trends and social networks, whom with his knowledge and strategies is responsible for giving a voice to the brand in the social media of any business or company, also generates valuable content to connect with the community (potential customers).

What benefits do they bring to your company?

Having an expert in social networks is a fundamental piece for your company today. There are several benefits in recruiting a community manager, here are the most important ones:

  • Help you improve visibility and enhance the image of your brand in the digital world.

  • Generate quality and creative content that is relevant to your target audience.

  •  Create and establish relationships with your clients.

  •  Help your customers feel loyalty and preference for your company.

  • Attract traffic to your website.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

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What functions do they have?

The specific functions of a Community Manager will depend a lot on the marketing or commercial objective of your company, but here are some general functions:

  • Create and manage the contents of your social networks.

  • Monitor the content of your company and the competition.

  • Create a calendar of monthly publications with the content of value for your community.

  • Follow up on the campaigns created.

  • Measure the metrics of the generated posts.

  • Prepare reports.

What aspects should I take into account to choose a Community Manager?

To ensure that the person in charge of your social networks meets the marketing objectives of your company, they must be a professional in marketing, advertising, public relations, communication or have studies on trends and social media. 

A specialist in these areas knows about tools and strategies to reach your target audience in the best way. 

They must have the following skills:

  • A creative and curious mind. They must have the ability to generate unique and creative ideas, which is differentiating from other companies that have the same line of business as yours.

  • Communication skills. They must be able to transmit messages with the essence of the brand through the content that it shares on social networks.

  • Good spelling. They must have impeccable spelling, it is essential when writing messages and creating content.

  • Planning. They must know how to plan your tasks. This to carry out on time the strategies that are raised in the marketing plan.

  • Strategist. Each action needs to be accompanied by a well-planned, realistic and measurable strategy.

  • Writing skills. They must have excellent writing to enhance the image of the company.

  • They must be constantly updated. This is one of the most important points, the digital world is continually changing, so their knowledge must be constantly updated.

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The qualities a community manager has as a person is a very important part that you should take into account, there must be a connection with his values and those of your company, as well as they must coincide in the way they have to work. Here are some general qualities that your next community manager should have:

  • Charismatic.

  • Active.

  • Professional.

  • Analytical.

  • Responsible.

  • Empathic.

  • Assertive.

  • Autodidact.

In addition to having all the above skills, they must be willing to continually learn, they must be familiar with the techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) and understand how it works.

Now that you know the skills that a Community Manager should have, you can effectively choose the best candidate.

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