Vauxoogram: A Unique Approach to Collaboration
We are excited to share our exciting evolution in Vauxoo's organizational structure, with each member playing a crucial role in our history and culture.

In this Vauxoogram, as we name our structure, you will find that our teams and collaborators are organized in harmony with our way of conducting ourselves and collaborating.

 Each of us has an important role that affects the entire team. We decided to remove the barriers between us and not follow the structure of a pyramid organization. 

This approach seeks to promote more fluid and effective communication, allowing our interactions to translate into concrete solutions, as well as the open exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge in all projects.

The antihero

By looking at traditional org charts at other companies, we understand what is generally considered functional. 

However, Vauxoo is the exception, the way we organize the roles of collaborators goes beyond what a traditional organizational chart has to offer us. So this organizational chart model was never going to work for us. We decided to build different things, at Vauxoo we adopted a figure that works for us at an organizational level without settling for the traditional. 

Vauxoo is an agile, dynamic company and our communication focuses on improving and growing collectively. That is why in our Vauxoogram everyone is connected, we enjoy freedom and work together. 

We firmly believe that collaboration is key to success, and agility guides our ability to adapt and grow together.

The hero we needed!

With Vauxoo's exponential growth, we feel the need to visualize our structure, show our essence and the way we do things. 

We quickly realized that traditional organizational structures no longer met our needs or reflected our unique way of working, so we created our own organizational chart.


Our inspiration

The conception of our organization chart is inspired by simple and effective ideas from unexpected places:

London Underground map. Just like subway lines intertwine and connect, at Vauxoo, our departments interact with each other. We are all linked, facilitating collaboration.

Catan board game. Imagine our org chart as a Catan board, where we build “paths” between departments to share resources. Thus, we encourage connection and collaboration.

Atomic Design. We visualize our organizational chart as a complex organ made up of molecules (teams). These molecules, in turn, are made up of atoms (team members), showing how each person is essential in our structure.

Our organizational chart is not just a visual representation, it is a manifestation of our organizational philosophy. We want to be a united team, where every time we connect or make important decisions, we are building the path for all of us to succeed. Each person on our team is like an important piece to make our company grow in new and sustainable ways.

How does our organization chart read?

It is made up of 3 elements: atoms, molecules and the organism. The atoms are the hexagons. The filled atoms represent the Team Leaders or leadership figures in our organization, the blank atoms are our collaborators and the atoms with acronyms indicate the abbreviated name of each team in the organization.

Additionally, we have the molecules, which are the set of atoms, which we call teams.

And finally, all the elements come together in a functional organism that displays the organizational chart or Vauxoogram as we call it at Vauxoo.

Positive impact on our clients: a tangible reality

The special way we organize our work has not only helped us succeed, but has also had a positive impact on our clients. Their stories are living testimonies of how our collaboration and agility have led to the achievement of common goals. This impact doesn't just stop at what we do internally; It also inspires other companies on how they can improve their processes and culture. 

In short, our unique way of working not only benefits us, it also helps our clients and motivates others to do the same in their businesses.

Do you want to know why we build cool things?

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