Best practices for a successful email marketing strategy with Odoo
Here, we tell you about the best practices for developing your email marketing campaign strategy and preventing your emails from going straight to spam

Previously in our blog “Email marketing automation” we told you how email marketing is a great tool to complement your marketing strategy.


Let's remember that this strategy is about sending mass emails to a group of contacts and seeks to promote a specific message to a group of users.

Here, we tell you about the best practices for developing your email marketing campaign strategy and preventing your emails from going straight to spam

Be careful with the words you use

It is important to take into account that emails, regardless of their language, must be carefully worded, since there are certain words that should not be included because email servers automatically identify them as spam.

La siguiente es una tabla con algunas de las palabras que harían que tus correos electrónicos sean mandados a spam:

 Other terms that are likely to be used as spam: 

  • Words that refer to money and profit: additional income, increase sales, cash prize, real profit, etc.

  • Words of exaltation: your eyes will not believe, incredible, unmissable, you will not believe, wonderful, impressive, etc.

  • Words related to digital marketing: new domain extensions, online marketing, increased web traffic, email marketing, etc.

  • Words that imply professional benefit: work from home, be your own boss, etc.

  • Words related to any financial institution: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

Use suitable images

  • Images have their strengths and weaknesses. It turns out that image-heavy (or image-only) campaigns have a much lower delivery rate than balanced campaigns. In addition, including many images in a campaign can slow down its opening, causing the loss of attention or even annoyance of the readers. Let's not forget that more than half of our emails are read on mobile devices, and connection speeds often leave a lot to be desired.

  • The ideal ratio is 40% images and 60% text. In this way, your delivery rates will be better and reading will be easier (your email becomes lighter and better structured).

  • Each image should be a maximum of 100kbs – and you can insert a maximum of 470kbs in images in your layout . Odoo does not accept images above 100kbs. In case you send an email with images above that weight, not only will they not open, but they will harm the delivery of your emails to inboxes. 

It has a good reputation

There are reputation filters that store certain email data, these are divided into those based on the sending IP (of the sending server) and those based on the domain from which the sending is made.

This means that this filter analyzes the content that reaches them from a certain site, and they consult in many lists the legitimacy of the sending IP and the domain. That is why it is important to take care of the legitimacy and reputation of each email that is sent, to avoid being considered spam.


The blacklist also falls within the reputation, since it is a database that identifies spammers in real time, and determines if an email could be considered as spam. All blacklists aim to prevent unwanted or spam emails from reaching users' inboxes. 

Mailers that don't have their own filters consult these lists. This way they block potentially malicious emails in a timely manner.

Our recommendations to avoid falling on the blacklist:

  • Offer your users useful content that adds value to generate interest for each email received.

  • Include a link to unsubscribe. It is necessary that your subscribers can easily stop receiving your newsletter.

  • Odoo allows you to activate the “show backlist buttons on unsubscribe page” button. This option will allow you to add an unsubscribe button to your contact list in the footer . This action decreases rates of claims and marking as spam, that is, your profitability improves.


There are anti-spam filters based on behaviors, these filters are integrated into very large email providers, since these companies process millions of emails a day, and they have information about what their clients do with these emails.

This filter applies data analysis algorithms and decide based on the trends that occur if an email is legitimate or not.

The information that this filter analyzes is the behavior of users, for example:

  • If they open them

  • If they don't open

  • If they click

  • If they don't clic

  • If they mark them as spam

  • If they delete them without opening them

This means that this filter depends on the interest that customers have with the emails.

Odoo's Email Marketing module is a powerful tool that will undoubtedly be a great ally for your marketing team, since it offers everything you need to communicate directly with a specific or massive number of customers or prospects. 

Start using Email Marketing to get sales, start with Odoo.

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