Change the game with SMS Marketing
Learn how SMS Marketing will help you communicate directly with your customers to achieve immediate actions.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing is a strategy that uses the sending of text messages to mobile phones to promote a product or service.

Its objective is similar to that of email marketingIts objective is similar to that of email marketing since through mass mailing it seeks to generate the promotion of opportunities, offers, promotions, updates, or alerts for customers. However, a big difference is that the messages sent through SMS Marketing must be messages that are much more relevant to the customer and of immediate action, while in email marketing this is not the case.

The great advantage of SMS marketing over email marketing is that its delivery is immediate and with a high opening rate of 98%..

How does SMS marketing work?

To carry out SMS marketing campaigns, you need software like Odoo that allows you to send mass messages to contact lists at a low cost per message.

To send an SMS message, you must start with the creation of the message:

It should be as concise as possible.

You must conduct research to define and understand your target audience.

It should be understood that there are two types of SMS: GSM7 and UNICODE.

GSM7 is the standard format that has a limit of 160 characters per message and includes the following characters:

UNICODE is the format applied if a special character is used that is not in the GSM7 list. The character limit per SMS is 70.

If the character limits for both GSM7 and UNICODE are exceeded, the content will be split into multiple messages.

Benefits of marketing via SMS

You may be wondering, but why should I use it? The reasons are:

98% open rate

SMS Marketing has one of the highest opening rates, so you can be sure that your message will be seen by your client.

Quick opening of messages

El 34 % of people  read SMS messages within five minutes of receiving them.

Consumers prefer to know promotions by SMS

El 52% of consumers prefer to find out about company promotions through SMS.

You can send reminders or notices that are valuable to your customers.

Customers find appointment reminders and order updates the most valuable form of communication a business can provide.

Odoo SMS Marketing

import contacts

Import your contacts to Odoo from any CSV or Excel document.

Create contact lists

Segment your subscribers by adding them to one or more contact lists. You can also select the contacts in your database and set your customers and leads as recipients of your campaigns.


Schedule a date and time for your campaign and let Odoo automatically send messages at the right time.

Campaign tests

Send yourself a test SMS before sending it to your entire contact list.


Get real-time statistics on SMS performance: delivery rate, click rate, bounce rate.

Link tracker

Share the links you want to track by creating a short link that includes analytic trackers, and get a complete view of link performance in a dedicated dashboard.

Find out how Odoo SMS can help you change the game!

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