Employee Surveys: Benefits and Types of Surveys
Las empresas suelen emplear encuestas a sus colaboradores para evaluar el grado de satisfacción y compromiso. Generalmente, son utilizadas por el departamento de recursos humanos, siendo un excelente instrumento de investigación y un gran apoyo cuando se trata de recopilar datos.

Companies often use surveys of their employees to assess the degree of satisfaction and commitment. Generally, they are used by the human resources department, being an excellent research instrument and a great support when it comes to collecting data.

Thanks to the surveys, it is possible to know the perspective of the collaborators on certain factors such as the organizational culture, and they are frequently used to obtain information on different topics of interest to the company.

Benefits of implementing surveys to your collaborators

Human talent is essential for any company, by applying surveys you will be able to discover what the needs of your collaborators are, and thus you will be able to apply the most appropriate strategies to satisfy their requirements.

They improve communication

Thanks to the surveys, your collaborators will be able to express their opinions, in this way your company will be able to be aware of the problems and will be able to provide feasible solutions.

Help make informed decisions

The results of the surveys are of great importance for the human resources department, they will be able to make more informed and innovative decisions, since by collecting data, diagnoses and strategies can be elaborated on what your collaborators and company need.

They benefit the retention of human talent

By applying surveys, employees feel part of the organization and know with certainty that their opinions are taken into account, this generates confidence, increases their job satisfaction, generates a feeling of belonging and helps them work towards the desired objectives. 

They offer immediate feedback

Employee surveys are a tool used as a communication channel, since they are offered the opportunity to give feedback through them, which is why it is important to carry them out anonymously.

Types of surveys for your collaborators

There are different types of surveys and each one is done with different purposes, here are some of them:

Organizational culture survey

This type of survey is usually used when there is a merger between several companies or when there are structural changes within the organization. It is used to know how involved the collaborators are in the organizational culture.

Satisfaction survey

This survey is often used to find out the opinions of employees about what they think about their work environment. This survey is designed to know and understand your preferences, which directly translates into your job performance.

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 By obtaining the results, you can create strategies to ensure the commitment of your collaborators and ensure their loyalty.

Exit survey

This type of survey is applied when a collaborator decides to leave the company, it is a good tool to observe the improvements that can be made to guarantee the satisfaction of each collaborator.

Odoo surveys

Here are some of the most important benefits that Odoo surveys offers:

Intuitive layout

The pre-designed blocks will allow you to generate attractive surveys in a matter of minutes. In addition, you will have the possibility to edit your surveys either by adding text or graphics in real time within the editable content of your blocks. 

Share and collect data

You can share your survey quickly and easily with Odoo's integrated sharing system.

Analyze responses

Odoo takes care of synchronizing the results automatically. You will be able to obtain and visualize graphs with the answers obtained, which will make it easier to visualize and understand these results, the best thing is that you will be able to visualize it in real time. 

Fully integrated with other applications

It integrates seamlessly with other Odoo applications.

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LSurveys are a great tool to know certain indicators with which you can develop appropriate action plans to improve the well-being of your work team, which will help increase the productivity and efficiency of your company. 

Pay attention to the opinion of your collaborators, use Odoo Surveys to create a better work environment.

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