Expenses module in Odoo
Throughout this blog you will learn about what is the control of expenses, as well as the best practices to keep a correct record of them, you will know the benefits that good control implies, in addition, we will share a tool that will facilitate the management process of expenses in your company.

Odoo's expenses module helps to improve the management of travel expenses generated by collaborators, knowing them is of great importance for your company regardless of its size, since having knowledge and a record of them will help you to improve cash flow management, as well as the relationship with employees.

What is the cost control of your collaborators?

Expense control tries to identify each outflow of money in your company to optimize resources and costs in order to generate the greatest benefit for it. Also, it seeks to avoid and prevent unnecessary expenses that are causing money leaks.

Best practices for controlling the expenses of your collaborators

Below we present the best practices to keep a correct control of expenses of your collaborators in your company:


Planning encourages cost reduction, as the person in charge will have enough time to establish objectives and optimize the use of resources.

Use software to keep track 

Using software can help your business centralize information and provide a comprehensive view of available budget and predictable costs. 

Check expenses

The collaborator must deliver the vouchers, indicating in detail the expense as well as the total amount. Once this is done, the person in charge must verify the veracity and validity of each voucher, as well as check that each one has the date, place, and amount correctly, in this way he can approve or reject the voucher.

Benefits of keeping track of expenses with Odoo

The expense management process can be much easier to achieve if your company has software, since it can make the process much more agile and faster. Odoo offers various functions that will undoubtedly become your great ally. Here are some

Manage the daily expenses of your collaborators

Whether they are travel expenses, office supplies or any other expense concept, you can access all receipts and charges from the expense dashboard and create, validate or reject them with a single click. 

It is possible to upload all receipts directly in the expense register

Employees can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them, as well as add attachments on the go through any mobile device by taking a photo of the receipt and sending it to the designated email address.

In the case of Mexico, by sending the XML provided by the supplier by email, the expense is generated with the amount, the name of the supplier and the date, which facilitates the manual loading and validation of the invoice data.

Manage expenses per team

You'll be able to easily track spending records for your entire team to stay on top of costs and ensure they stay within your goals and budget.

Expense report

The employee can put together an expense report that is sent for approval either by his boss within the organization, by his account payable manager or even by both.

Said report is auditable by all those involved and can be consulted at any historical moment.

If you want to know more about the Odoo Expenses module, we leave you the following webinar, where our colleague Usiel explains in detail what you can find within said module.


Are you looking for the best way to manage and control the expenses generated by your collaborators? We have the solution!

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