Facilitate payment with Payment Credomatic
This blog will teach you about the Payment Credomatic module and how it can help you process your business payments with the main credit card brands.

Payment Credomatic is a module that allows access to a payment platform through Credomatic, a financial entity that operates in America and processes payments with the leading credit card brands, which facilitates the collection of companies, since it allows your customers to pay easily, automatically, and with any account of the National Financial System without leaving the store.

This module is available for versions 11, 12, and 13 of Odoo, in addition to working on platforms such as Odoo Android and iOS versions.

What are their features?

Among its features are:

  • Payment of sales orders from the website store.

  • Charge of budgets to the users of the website, in their order portal.

  • Payment of budgets to customers without an account, through one-way payment links.

  • Support multiple accounts.

Why should I use this module?

  1. Easy installation.

  2. Data Security: We do not store your card number on our servers.

  3. Coverage in several Latin American countries: Purchases from Costa Rica, Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Bahamas and Grand Cayman, purchase with CREDOMATIC.

  4. Pay Efficiently: Fill in the basic purchase information and your transaction will be approved in one click.

What requirements do you have to be able to use the module?

In addition to requiring one of the 3 Odoo versions previously mentioned (11, 12 or 13), this module requires some additional standard Odoo applications to be downloaded:

• Sales

• Electronic commerce

• Billing

• Website

Payment Credomatic is one of the modules created by Vauxoo and is available in Odoo Shop helping hundreds of companies to process their payments.

Learn more about credomatic and its configuration on Odoo Shop

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