How to structure a successful sales team?
El equipo de ventas es el rostro de cualquier empresa, ya que está en constante contacto con los clientes. Estructurar y nutrir a tu equipo es clave para el crecimiento y cierre de tus ventas, en este blog post te compartimos algunos consejos para estructurar un equipo de ventas exitoso.

The sales team is the face of any company, since it is in constant contact with customers. Structuring and nurturing your team is key to the growth and closure of your sales, in this blog post we share some tips to structure a successful sales team.

Foundations for a successful sales team

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Below, we share the main bases for structuring a sales team that will help your company meet its objectives and goals.

People are key

Having people who are capable of assimilating the values ​​of your company and transmitting it to customers is essential. The sales team must have people who, in addition to having technical skills, can convey a certain empathy with each client.

Have a good leader

The team must have a leader capable of motivating and inspiring their team to enhance their skills, both individually and in groups. 

Set goals and objectives

The team must know perfectly what is the objective that is being sought and what is the strategy that must be followed.

Have a methodology

Having a sales methodology and establishing a solid foundation for the team is essential. Each member must feel identified with the methodology of the work and must know what is the path that must be followed to reach the goal. 

Use a software

It is important to give a correct follow-up to all the clients and to have the precise information at the moment that is required. Having a CRM will help to correctly monitor all the accounts and have all the data centralized in one place, this will help to have a well-organized sales team.

Be part of the team

For the team to be effective, it is necessary for each person inside to feel integrated and motivated, this will guarantee efficiency and commitment to meet the objectives that were set.


The constant training of your team is a very good strategy to improve the performance and productivity of each team member.

Skills of sales team members

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A salesman needs to have the stamina of Hercules, the cunning of Machiavelli, the tact of a diplomat, the eloquence of a successful speaker, the charm of an experienced man, the mental agility of a mathematician, the patience of Job, the vision of the eagle, the creativity of a genius, the vocation of a teacher, the perseverance of a rhinoceros, the wisdom of Solomon, the discipline of Moses, the will of a child, the discretion of an unfaithful woman, the ear of a musician, the smell of a good hound, the taste of a chef, the joy of a clown, the skill of a magician and the responsibility of a leader

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Jorge Eliecer Prieto Herrera

There are salespeople with different personalities and each one undoubtedly does it in their own way, but despite that, there are certain skills that the members of the sales team must have, here are some of them:

Know what sells

You must know perfectly the product or service that you sell, this will allow you to assertively communicate to your client how your product will help to solve the needs that your company has at that time. In addition, they will be able to resolve any questions or concerns that may be presented to the client, which will ensure a higher level of confidence.

Meet the competition

It is essential that each member of the sales team knows the competition. Recognizing how the product you sell compares to that of the competition will give you valuable information that can be used to promote the sale.

Positive energy always 

Each member of the sales team must radiate positivity, this will help to obtain positive results and help build trust with customers.

Know how to prepare

The team must prepare before meeting with the client, it must know perfectly who they are, what they offer, know what their concerns and needs are. This will show interest and help you not come to the meeting blank.

Convey confidence

Transmitting trust to customers is essential to close a sale, usually customers make their decision based on the trust they have with their seller.

Create positive emotional experiences

Creating positive emotional experiences in clients is very important, most of the time they forget what was talked about, but they never forget how they felt during the meeting. Identify the positive emotions involved in the sales process and use them to your advantage.

How does Odoo help structure a successful sales team?

By having a sales methodology, there are certain structured steps that salespeople follow, Odoo helps to make the process much simpler, allowing them to have a complete vision of important information that must be kept in mind throughout the sales cycle. Here are some of the biggest benefits that Odoo brings to the sales team:

  • All email communication is automatically attached to the corresponding customer order, allowing you to locate conversations and negotiate more efficiently.

  • Create a concise quote in seconds. Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to help your salespeople work more efficiently.

    Sell ​​faster with electronic signatures, allowing your clients to review and sign their quotes online.

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  • You will be able to calculate the correct price according to the customer's conditions, as well as add price lists to individual products according to each customer's segment and automatically use the applicable price list according to the order conditions, such as quantity and / or time.

  • You will be able to individually track each sales order, or business case, adding collaborators so that they are part of the collaborative work of the sales cycle and receive notifications of when they should do it.

With Odoo you can take your business relationships to another level, it is a tool that is very useful for planning business resources.

Learn how Odoo can help your sales team

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