LATAM Best Partner 2022
For the third time, we won as Best Partner LATAM at the Odoo Awards ceremony!
For the third time, we won as Best Partner LATAM at the Odoo Awards ceremony! 

Odoo Experience is the most important and anticipated event of the year, as it brings together in one place the active international community of Odoo, as well as people looking to grow their business with a powerful business management system. 

As every year, this event is used to launch the features of the new version of the software, on this occasion: Odoo 16, in addition, workshops, talks and interactive demonstrations are offered. In this event, Odoo also seeks to recognize the most successful partners who contribute to their community. 

Odoo truly values collaboration between partners, customers and the Odoo community as a whole, therefore the award ceremony has become an essential part of the Odoo Experience.

Each year, the nominees are divided into different groups based on region. There are two award categories for Odoo Partners: Best Starter and Best Partner. At Vauxoo we had the honor of being nominated for the tenth consecutive time in the Odoo Awards as "Best partner LATAM"

To win such nominations, the nominees go through criteria such as; churn and growth (number of user licenses), engagement, mindset, contributions to the Odoo community, and customer retention rate.

That is why we are pleased to share with you that once again we are awarded as leaders in Odoo! We are very happy and grateful for the trust that each of our clients gives us, and we thank our team for putting passion into each of the projects in which they collaborate.

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