Synchronize your banks to Odoo with Xunnel
Learn how Xunnel will help you to synchronize your banks, obtain your account statements and automatically import invoices to Odoo accounting.

What is Xunnel?

Xunnel syncs directly with your bank to obtain account statements, as well as with the SAT platform to obtain invoices and automatically import them to your accounting in Odoo and reconcile them.

Characteristic of Xunnel

  1. Integration: Integrate your information automatically, download your information directly from the bank to your accounting system.

  2. Security: Being a secure system, it does not require confidential information from your bank accounts.

  3. Practicality: Forget about the risk of losing or altering information, as could happen with the traditional way of doing this procedure.

What are the banks that I can synchronize?

There are more than 50 banks among more than 10 countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Germany, among others. So you can see the number of transactions made in a certain account every day and synchronize the banks or bank accounts that you need. No finger errors when capturing information and with the security you deserve.


In what versions of Odoo can I use Xunnel?

Xunnel is available for Odoo Enterprise V11, V12 and V13 versions. In addition to the fact that in version 11 it requires the Odoo Accounting module, for versions 12 and 13 it requires Accounting and Documents (if you are going to download XMLs from the SAT).

¿Qué incluye el plan de Xunnel?

In addition to the benefits of each plan, all plans also include unlimited support on Xunnel features as long as there are interferences between the Xunnel code and the native Odoo code. Although the initial installation and configuration process is documented on the Xunnel portal, our support team can also help with the installation process by guiding the customer through the steps to follow.

Unlimited support (in time and not in scope) will be available as long as the client is up-to-date with the annual or monthly payment of their plan.

The migration of the Xunnel code to new versions is included, however there is no delivery time commitment for new versions, so customers must wait for our team to migrate the code according to the priorities of their work queue. 

All support is managed through the Vauxoo support desk via email

If you are interested in learning more about Xunnel, schedule a demo with one of our advisors.

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