Time management in companies
En este blog post te contamos que es la gestión del tiempo y como al ser aplicada de manera correcta ayuda a la productividad en tu empresa. Además, te compartimos algunas técnicas y una herramienta que ayudará a tus empleados a tener una mejor gestión del tiempo.

Don't you know what tasks your collaborators spend the most time on? Don't they keep an order in their activities and hours? In this blog post, we will tell you what time management is and how, when applied correctly, it can help productivity in your company. In addition, we share some techniques and a tool that will help your employees to have better time management.

Time management refers to the way each person organizes and plans their time on specific activities or tasks. Remember that spending more hours in the office does not mean being more efficient. 

There are three qualities that define time management in companies, and it is very important that employees identify each of them: effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Let us explain:

  • A collaborator must be effective, outlining the steps they will follow to reach the desired results, doing exactly what needs to be done, without more or less.

  • A collaborator must also be efficient,  doing things correctly, with the least amount of time and resources possible.

  • And finally, they must be productive,  fulfilling his tasks in the time assigned to them, in addition to finding techniques to optimize their work taking into account his strengths and weaknesses.

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The use of these three points, simultaneously, guarantees efficiency in the results that you want to reach.

Techniques to improve time management

There are several techniques that help to manage time in the best possible way, however, it is important to do a self-analysis before choosing one. It is necessary to analyze when and in what context it is most productive, analyze which are the distractors and based on this, choose the technique that best suits.

Here are some techniques:

  • Pomodoro technique. It is a technique that consists of planning and dividing into blocks of time the activities and tasks that must be carried out during the day, each assigned space is used solely and exclusively to carry out each of the tasks in a focused way, at the end of every block of time there is a small break.

  • Technique, eat that frog! This technique helps organize time and avoid procrastination. It is based on doing the most difficult or tedious task first, so that the rest seem easier. In this way, if the tasks are carried out in an adequate order, the working day will be more productive.

  • Priority matrix. This matrix represents the different states that a project or a task can have, it is separated into 4: Important and urgent, Important but not urgent, not important but urgent, not important or urgent. Identify which are priority, which are secondary, which can be delegated, and which are disposable.

Extra tips:

  • Plan leisure. This technique helps a lot to people who are very easily distracted, it helps to stay focused for a certain period of time, and it works fluently because mentally you know that a rest comes afterwards. Remember that just as it is important to plan your work, moments of rest are also important.

  • Eliminate distractions. Eliminating distractors is key, but before eliminating everything that is normally said to be distracting, you must identify which ones really are, since listening to music or a podcast may be more convenient and more productive for a person than being in complete silence in your work environment. 

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How does the task log help your company?

It is important to encourage time management in employees, as it helps to organize activities, avoiding spending resources and time inappropriately. 

In addition, the recording of tasks and hours will be a great ally for decision-making, by recording the time dedicated to each activity or project it will be easier to identify if there are bottlenecks, and it will be possible to measure the productivity of each collaborator and even accurately calculate the cost of an executed project.

Odoo Timesheet

The Odoo timesheet module offers several benefits, here are some of them:

  • You will be able to monitor the progress of your team. View your team's progress on each project or task. You will be able to keep track of the scheduled hours, the effective hours and the planned hours of each task.

  • Your projects will be profitable. You will have an overview of billable time. You will be able to keep track of the resources allocated to the project, and you will observe your profits and losses. 

  • Invoice timesheets to clients. Generate one-time or periodic invoices automatically taking into account expenses and time sheet entries.

  • Forecast needs and resources. You will have the possibility to plan in advance the next projects thanks to the forecasts that are based on data from similar projects, and you will have an estimate of dates.

  • You can work offline.  Your tasks will continue regardless of where you are, even if the Internet connection is not available. Plus, offline hours are synced to the account once it's back online.

Good time management is essential for any person and company, as it helps to be more efficient, effective and productive, having strategies and tools that help improve performance is key today.

Manage your collaborators' time with Odoo Timesheet

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