Why start the year working at Vauxoo?
If this year within your resolutions you have chosen to improve your working conditions and be part of the best team of ERPs in all of Latin America, keep reading!

Every day, business practices change. Since our creation, in Vauxoo we seek to be at the forefront to improve the service we provide to our customers, but we also strive daily to be an excellent team that allows each member to develop professionally and personally.

Our commitment and joint work have allowed us to be awarded, for the third time, with the Odoo Best Partner Latam Award, and retain ninety-nine percent of our customers. 

In this blog we wanted to "open the mic", or in this case the keyboard, so that the Vauxianos share with you some of the reasons that made them part of this team and why they have decided to stay. 

 Why did you decide to work at Vauxoo?

For a proactive labor ecosystem.

I joined Vauxoo as a challenge to the excellence of learning acquired during years of working with Odoo and as a Lonely Ranger, being part of a team being part of a big team had always been a goal to accomplish.

Because it is a company with a very accessible and friendly work culture.

For flexibility, the possibility of working with a multidisciplinary team with cultural diversity. Also because the customers are from different industries and this helps to constantly learn from different areas.

It was a great opportunity to start my working life, even being a recent graduate, they have trusted in my skills and abilities to make things work.

 Why did you decide to stay at Vauxoo?

Because I like the team that has been formed, every day you learn something new and interesting and colleagues are always willing to help.

For the flexible schedule. At first, I didn't think it was possible, because I have been used to having traditional office hours. However, as time has gone by, this way of working has given me opportunities to have a better family life and maintain my hobbies and pastimes, something I could not have before.

Since I started, the way we learn, how we learn and the number of things we learn, because of the diversity of projects, made me want to make my life plan around the company.

Because my team leaders have been very kind and human since I've been here, and I've grown a lot. Now my growth has been recognized and I’m fortunate to be able to share all that I have learned with new colleagues who are joining.

 What is your motivation to accomplish your projects at Vauxoo?

To get a good result that shows the quality of the work that I and my team have done.

Wanting to demonstrate my abilities.

My family. 

Continuous learning. 

To be given more and more challenging projects.

Improve my skills, support the team, fulfill the client's expectations, and of course the salary.

 How do you feel being part of the team that has won three times the Odoo Best Partner Latam award

It allows me to notice the importance of the skill and agility with which we develop projects, the quality of the work, the multidisciplinary team we have, the knowledge we all bring, and above all, that everything is achieved because we can have a balance between work and personal life.

It’s exciting to work in a company with Odoo gurus, they know everything about the tool inside out, and besides that, they are also the best in the different areas of management. 

It makes me feel like the company, GREAT.

It's great to belong to a team that is the best at what we do. Having recognition is very important for motivation.

You feel the support and knowledge, the feedback has been good to keep growing.

We wanted to know a little more about each area, so we asked Vauxianos to tell us what they like best about their work at Vauxoo:

... people know how to work in a team, you contribute to a dynamic and enriching team, and you'll have the opportunity to work with different clients from different industries, which will make you know much more about business management, we make things happen!

... every day is a challenge and you always learn something new.

... the amount of knowledge you can acquire at a functional level is unmatched by what you can learn at other software companies.

... every day brings new knowledge, opportunities, and experiences.

... there’s always someone willing to help you, and you can work at your own pace, as long as you meet the deadlines, plus you learn different areas of code, you don't get stuck doing the same thing.

... the difference between each project is abysmal so you never have a boring day, plus the culture, the team, and the flexibility allows you to combine your professional and personal life.

... you can have fun and learn while working from anywhere and at any time, plus creativity is the order of the day.

... you're always learning new things.

... it allows you to keep up with technology.

... you learn new things every day.

... you learn from different areas, can get involved in different types of projects, and understand business models better.

... they get to test and discover new ways to use Odoo according to each customer's needs.

              The Vauxianos wanted to share a few messages for you, who are considering joining our team:

              "No excuses. Only lose those who don't try."
              "If you are looking for something extraordinary, Vauxoo is the best option. It's not a job, it is a life project."
              "There is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can acquire by being part of the Vauxoo team."
              "Vauxoo is a very humane company where professional growth is recognized, which is perfect for people without professional experience but eager to grow."
              "At Vauxoo every day is a challenge where you must make an effort, you'll have great satisfaction when you achieve your goals and especially when you think that you solve problems for different people in many countries."
              "If you're passionate about projects, you enjoy working in a team, and like challenges, Vauxoo is the place!"
              "If you like to learn and that the things you do really have value, Vauxoo is for you."
              "Vauxoo is a company you wouldn't believe exists, teamwork, everyone's willingness to support you and teach you,  is great."
              "Vauxoo is the dream, the path, and the goal to grow both professionally and personally."
              "If you feel that you are trapped in the same traditional project management approach, which takes years to become a reality, at Vauxoo you have the opportunity to work in an agile environment with people with disruptive ideas, where you will learn and share the experience with professionals. who take care of the quality of their projects to the millimeter."
              Team Vauxoo

              Thanks to the Vauxianos for sharing their experience, now it's your turn to be part of the best Odoo partner in Latin America to change the course of your story. 

              Join Vauxoo and let's build something great together! 

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