Working with perishables products in your inventory
Learn how Odoo Inventory can help you manage perishable products in your warehouse in a simple way.

In our previous blog, we talked about the different types of inventory control methods and how using them can improve the order of your records, in this blog, we will talk about a specific method to manage your perishable products in your warehouse.

What is a perishable product?

We refer to perishable products as those that have an expiration date, which, if not consumed within a certain period of time, will spoil.

Examples of perishable products:

Edible products such as milk, meat, and daily products



Merchandise that has an expiration date, such as concert tickets

How to achieve a good management of perishable products?

To ensure that perishable products remain fresh or within their functionality period, you must use an inventory control method that allows you to maintain order in arrivals and departures.

FEFO method

One method that focuses entirely on perishables is the FEFO (First Expiring First Out) method. This method uses the expiration or expiration dates of the products and allows the products to reach the customer before their expiration date arrives.

FIFO method

There is also the FIFO (First In First Out)  method, which consists of discharging the first products that were acquired. The primary objective of this method is to identify those products that arrived at the warehouse first so that they are the first to be sold and that the stock is constantly renewed.

Why should you use an inventory control method?

It serves to verify that the quantities in the warehouse and the quantities in the records coincide, generating a well-classified and ordered inventory, in addition to organizing the inputs and outputs of the products along with their arrangement, in order to answer questions such as: How much do I have? of product? What is your availability? How much product will I have available soon? When do I need to restock this product? When does it expire? among others.

How to manage perishable products in Odoo?

With the Odoo Inventory module, you can configure the traceability of products by their serial number and expiration date, in addition to being able to do it in multiple warehouses.

In addition, it allows you to:

  • Have a fully automated replenishment.

  • It offers the management of multiple warehouses.

  • Extensive traceability to know where your products are throughout your supply chain.

  • Clear and complete reports of each of your warehouses.

  • It allows you to perform your physical counts and adjust your inventories.

  • Know stocks in real-time.

  • Connection with the other Odoo modules, including Sales and Purchases.

Are you interested in implementing the FEFO method in your inventory? Contact one of our specialists!

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