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Recommended for: Simple Apps
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import,
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import,
Dedicated Customer
Success Consultant
25 hours 50 hours 100 hours 200 hours
Project Management
Email + Phone Support
Training & Coaching
Data Importation Assistance
On-site Consulting *
App Customization **
Customizations (Forms, Reports, Workflows)
Returning Customers $2,400.00 USD $4,200.00 USD $7,500.00 USD $15,000.00 USD
New Customers (30% off) *** $1,680.00 USD $2,940.00 USD $5,250.00 USD $10,500.00 USD

*Travel time counted; Travel expenses charged separately.
** Only when the 'Studio' App is included in the subscription. Monthly extra charges apply for the maintenance of specific developments.
*** A 30% discount applies automatically to new customers, for their first pack only (Promotion available until 02/28/2018) .

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The Success Packs include a package of premium services by a dedicated consultant. During the implementation phase, you will have an Odoo Project Manager assigned to you to analyze your requirements and configure your Odoo Apps according to your needs. The consultant will also train you on how to use the Odoo Apps, coach you on how you can use Odoo's functions and features to grow your business. He will also customize your Odoo apps provided that you opted for the 'Custom apps' you have selected. Based on the apps and number of custom apps you selected on the pricing page, a pack will be preselected that best fits the typical number of hours needed to start using Odoo successfully. Our consultants will do their best efforts to help you get started with Odoo within that time.
Before implementation, our consultant will analyze the way your business runs and suggest the best way to use Odoo. We will handle all configuration and coach you on how to use Odoo. This service is organized through planned sessions (over the telephone or online) where our consultant will carry out a more in-depth analysis of your needs to see what can be improved in line with the existing functional possibilities of the official Odoo Apps. We will provide you training material so that you are always able to use the latest version of Odoo Apps.
For advanced needs, such as custom development, you can contact a sales representant so we can plan your development, we offer project management services, Odoo developments, automatic deployments, training and on-premise installation and integration services. Developments carried out by us are charged per hour.

For further questions, please contact our support team at ventas@vauxoo.com

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