Digital Marketing Trends for 2022
El 2022 viene cargado de nuevas tendencias de marketing, en este blog post te compartimos algunas de las que nos parecen las más importantes e interesantes para que tu estrategia de marketing sea un éxito en este nuevo año.

2022 is loaded with new marketing trends, in this blog post we share some of those that we think are the most important and interesting for your marketing strategy to be a success in this new year.

Personalized web content

Currently, the consumer shows interest in content that is fully personalized and responds to their interests and needs. 72% of them are attracted to the sections and promotions that are fully adapted and designed for them within the website.

It is necessary to fully understand and understand how customers behave in the online environment, this is how you will ensure that you reach the right customers, in the right way and at the right time.

Live chat 

Live chats will continue to be key to any digital marketing strategy in 2022, these virtual assistants offer an excellent opportunity to improve the customer service of your company, since it offers the possibility of communicating in real time with the people in charge of providing support. within the website and allows the capture of new prospects who enter your website.

This tool is valuable because from the moment the user enters your website the chat accompanies and supports them throughout the process, in addition, it is a very fast communication channel which helps to improve customer service and increase conversions . Learn how to achieve an effective live chat on your website by clicking here. 

Voice search

Virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home have become part of the daily lives of users, so much so that around  31% of mobile users use voice searches more than once a week and it is estimated that more than half of Google searches are done by voice, as these searches are  95%.

Users are constantly changing, so voice search will be important and growing by 2022. It is time for marketers to ensure that the content they generate is optimized so that it can be visible to searches voice and can capture traffic, it is necessary to have a more conversational and conversational language.

User Generated Content

It is about the creation of content made by users, such as videos, images or reviews. It is a trend that aims to recover what was once "word of mouth" but in digital format. In fact, it has been shown that 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than brand.

Without a doubt, by 2022 this trend will be essential to strengthen ties and generate influence within your community. 

Ad blockers

During 2020, approximately 26.4% of internet users blocked advertising from their devices and during 2022 the figure is expected to continue increasing, which translates to a quarter of digital ads that will not reach their audience. 

If your digital strategy is a victim of ad blockers, it is best to look for alternatives and ways to adjust to the preferences of your target audience, so you will stop making efforts in vain and have the expected success.

Snippet de Google

Google has chosen to display the results of any search directly on the results page, without the need to click on any page. This is a trend that will become increasingly popular during 2022, as it tends to be more comfortable for users.

To make your brand appear here you must create quality content, put it into a corporate blog and make sure to optimize it so that it can appear in the Google snippet, which will allow your website to be placed in the first places of the searches.

Finding ways to improve your page and the contents is the challenge for this new year, since if you appear as a result from the beginning it will be much easier for the user to click on your page. If you are interested in knowing how to create a corporate blog, click here.

Hybrid events

During 2021, physical events to make branding and get prospects were not an option due to the pandemic, however, as people begin to feel comfortable with physical meetings, strategies should be sought to achieve a greater reach in our events. 

So if you think that your users enjoy attending face-to-face events, it is advisable to plan hybrid events: this means that you can do a face-to-face event without neglecting all those users who feel more comfortable watching it from home, so you should always consider live broadcasts while the event takes place. 

 Odoo • Imagen y texto

These are some of the trends that will be very present in 2022, we recommend adapting them to your company as well as finding a way to participate in them in a genuine way. Without a doubt, having an ally that helps your company optimize processes will be key to success.

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