Odoo 16 Website Builder, What's New?

In this blog we want to share with you important information that was revealed in the Keynote given by Fabien Pinckaers founder and CEO of Odoo about the improvements that will be in the website builder in Odoo 16:

Mobile mode edition

In this new version of Odoo it is possible to edit your content in mobile mode, you can add or hide sections at your convenience, you can decide if certain blocks should be visible only on the cell phone, on the computer or on both.

Backend View

With Odoo 16 you will be able to see your products, blog post, events, and appointments from the backend just after clicking on a new button. No need to go to front-end anymore!

Forms for images: Devices

You'll be able to use a new category of image shapes called "Devices" to make images appear to be on a device (phone, tablet, computer).

Hover animations

This new version comes with scrolling animation, the images you place can move as you scroll through the site.

Grid layout

You will be able to activate the grid mode in any building block, you will have full control of your elements, you can move them anywhere on the website you want. Organizing your content is easier! 

Cookie consent

With Odoo 16 it is possible to ask visitors for permission before saving non-essential cookies on your websites.

Filters on products

In this new version of Odoo you will be able to make a list of your products, so your customers will be able to create a filter and find what they are looking for more easily.


Now you can use live chat to get more sales, leads or improve your customer experience. You can program certain answers and your user will be able to choose the convenient one.

The release of Odoo 16 has many new features that will help your company to manage all the processes quickly and efficiently, the website builder comes with new features that will undoubtedly be of great use to your business.

Find more information about Odoo 16 and its new features in the keynote:


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