Odoo projects: the key to manage your projects successfully
Odoo has a series of modules that can be used in your company to run project management more smoothly and efficiently. In this blog, we will analyze these modules and how they can be of help.

Managing a project can be a daunting task, which is why you need to decide which project management method to use. The essential thing is to choose a methodology that guarantees that the company's projects are executed successfully.

Odoo has a series of modules that can be used in your company to run project management more smoothly and efficiently. In this blog, we will analyze these modules and how they can be of help.


El módulo de Odoo Proyectos ofrece varias ventajas para las empresas, te contamos de algunas a continuación:

  • It is a collaborative program, this module is committed to facilitating the collaboration of all the people involved in the project.

  • System of alerts and visual indicators that help keep you informed and up to date at a glance.

  • Project management automatically integrates with client contracts, allowing you to bill based on time, materials and tasks without any hassle.

  • It is integrated with the rest of a company's processes such as: Purchasing, HR, CRM, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.


Odoo has the Kanban method. This method was born with the main function of helping companies to create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. One of its main advantages is that it is very visual, since it is a board with cards and columns, it is very easy to understand and anyone can observe the work that is being done. 

Each column on the board represents a step in the workflow (Example: Idea, To Do, and Done) and each card represents a work item. 

If you see it another way, the pieces are tasks, where from the beginning the task is taken and goes through phase by phase until the process is finished.

Kanban Principles

  • We present some points that you should take into account when carrying it out.

  • Change stages until you reach the goal. An obstacle that we go unnoticed in one stage will be more difficult to solve in the next.

  • Organize the process. To make the stages efficient, it is necessary that each element is prepared to act when necessary.

  • Correctly design processes. For the Kanban method to be effective, it is necessary that the phases of the project can be managed individually.

In our blog “Increase the performance of your company using Kanban.” You will be able to find solutions for the “bottleneck” that usually occurs within companies.


Timesheet is a tool that is used to track the activities within a work team, from its beginning to its end. This helps companies keep track of the time spent on each employee's tasks. 

The timesheet comes integrated with the projects module, when starting a new project we can establish a schedule to guarantee the efficient completion of the tasks invoiced in said project. Odoo Timesheet can also be used to track tasks and projects to analyze completion rate.

Features of the Odoo timesheet module

Start tasks with one click

With the Chrome extension you are always one click away from your time tracking app. Just click “Start” to get started with your task timing.

Grid view

You can record your timesheets and forecasts quickly with the grid view.

As a manager, you can immediately see who is working on what.

Change the sell order

Easily change sales order items linked with time sheets. Remaining hours are displayed in the task name when coding timesheets.

Permission management

Permissions can be automatically integrated with timesheets for better control of the time spent on each project.


Use the timer to monitor the exact time spent on tasks from the grid view next to the task form.

Forecast needs and resources

Schedule your teams in different projects taking into account the vacations of each employee. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable project data and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with actual timesheets to increase profitability.

Learn in our blog some techniques to improve time management in your company and increase productivity.

Having a good project management method is essential for your company's projects to be executed successfully. Within Odoo, each module is related, which makes project management very simple.

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